We do cover a lot of shows but this is also one of our most popular ones! We have toured with many different types of performers and bands throughout the years! From small local tours to huge UK tours all across the country. We have toured with people such as Hybrid Minds, Ben Phillips and more! We are still in touch with all our past clients to this day as they absolutely loved our work! We can cover from small club tours to large complex arenas.

We dare to dream to make every show look the best! We focus on every little detail and triple-check it that it all looks good before the tour starts. As soon as we have information about your tour, we start straight away after you have made the call and given us enough information we need. We can make your show however you want it to look,

Back in 2017, we toured with YouTube star and prankster Ben Phillips in large theatres and O2 Academy’s around the UK. Ben Phillps currently has over 22.5 million followers on social media. Ben is very well known for his prank videos that currently have over 1.2 Billion views and counting on YouTube. Video by Ben Phillips.

We always want to make every tour the best no matter how small or big it is! We always love to go the extra mile even if its a small budget tour! We want to make every show a life remembering experience and so far, we have not had one show that a client was not happy about! We have had only positive feedback.

We can make your dream come to reality.