Go LIVE With Spiralstagelighting!

We have brought out a brand new page! What can you find on their? Well this page is dedicated to our live streaming and music video lighting services. You can also find previous project pictures including the live set with As Sirens Fall, and projects with Soul Asia and The Untouchables.

Adam, As Sirens Fall

“Elliot at Spiralstagelighting was wonderful to work with on our project, great communication, which made the process very easy and understood exactly what we wanted, and was committed to making that a possibility.”

Our renowned and trusted digital stage design and pre-rendering allows you to see the final result before we even turn on a camera, giving you the peace of mind and knowledge that your performance will stand out from the crowd.

If you have any questions you would like to enquire, please go over to our contact page to get in touch directly through email, phone or social media channels. You can now also find dedicated information on this on our new live streaming page.

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