Spiralstagelighting was founded and currently owned by Spiralstagelighting director Elliot Baines. Elliot started lighting when he was 6 years of age when his farther Lee Baines performed in Rio’s in Bradford back in 2009. Sadly, we do not have the name of the in house lighting designer as the venue has shut down. “My dad told me to stay where FOH was and the lighting designer said, do you want to have a go? I said yes and I carried in until my dad’s band played”.

Throughout the years before Spiralstagelighting, I went up to lighting designers at festivals and said could I have a go. Since doing that, I am still in touch with the lighting designers to this day. I started to collect disco lights and I used them now again and learned how to use them. I first used a QTX Light console and I absolutely adored it! And so then, I carried on doing the lights on stages and one day when I was in an ICT lesson at my primary school, I saw a person designing the school web page and I asked: “what are you doing?”. He then replied, “I make websites and I am currently making the school website”. I so then asked, I do lighting and explained about myself and he said “do you want to build a website with me? We can make you one!” and so I said yes! Spiralstagelighting was then founded in March 25th, 2014.

I was originally going to call it Spiral Lighting but then I thought, why not Spiralstagelighting. A lot of people type and write Spiralstagelighting as Spiral Stage Lighting as I used to do myself, but as you can’t have any spaces on a web address, and so I kept on writing and typing Spiralstagelighting as “Spiralstagelighting” with no spaces.

And so now we’re here to this day, 5 years ahead and we have grown so much! Thank you, everyone, for helping and supporting us so far as it’s only just begun!