Olly Walker presents: GENESIS

Back in February, we worked on the show GENESIS headlining Olly Walker. The show was in Bedford at Quarry Theatre. The whole show was made and built by under 20 year olds and the show turned out better than we expected. The rig included four Chauvet Pro MK1 Hybrids, four Rogue R1 Fxbs and don’t forget Chauvet DJ! We also had four Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 100 IRC’S and two Intimidator Spot LED 350s.

From IMG Stageline, we had four Minizoom 712s and Showtec LED Pars. To top the show of to, we had two Laserworld DS 1000 RGBS and two Chauvet Dj Geyser RGBs. The whole show looked that incredible, it was featured in the April 2019 issue of TPI! Check out page 82 and you can find it all there!

Lights, lasers, SFX and sound, but we did not forget about the visuals! Rob Browm from 360 Squared operated and made the visuals. The visuals where operated from Resoulme Arena 6. Olly (The headliner) also participated on making the visuals to! Some of the equipment where rented from Colour Sound Experiment but most of them came from us! We don’t rent out lights anymore but it really did the job!

The whole show was operated on the Avolites Quartz with a mobile wing and the rig was built in Capture 2018. Our main goal was to do everything on time (almost like every show) as we needed to program and rehearse to get our timings spot on! What we mean by timings is the timings of the lights and visuals but to also practice taking the floor package on and off the stage. The amazing stage manager Josh Nethersole managed to get his crew to take it all down and backup under the time of 3 minutes!

We would like to thank everyone that participated in this gig and congrats because the show was a huge success! Big shout outs to MAX DEACON, ANDY WONG, BLUE GALTOS, JASPER CUMMING, DEMIS SUKYS, ROB BROWN and OLLY WALKER.

Olly Walker presents: GENESIS