Light Art and Installations

Here at Spiralstagelighting we always love to go the extra mile! That’s why we don’t just do live shows and festivals, we also design light art and installations. What do we mean by light art? Light art is where we make something that normally looks basic – such as a bridge – look spectacular with the right lighting. Imagine it as an upgrade or an add-on.

Recently, when working at Cosmic Puffin, we decided no just to make the main stage look great, but to also make the whole environment look great with powerful lasers striking the sky. It made the festival look magnificent!

We can also design installations for your exhibit, music venue or museum. We can technically design for just about anything! We can add a powerful atmosphere to your space and make it come to life! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details about this.

We can turn your venue from a mundane space into a beautiful atmospheric space which people won’t want to leave! We always focus on every little bit of detail to make your place award winning!