Help us make big things!

Hi! My name is Elliot Baines. I am a 15 year old award winning lighting designer based in Halifax and I own a service called Spiralstagelighting. Spiralstagelighting is a lighting design service for tours, festivals and much more which is constantly growing every single day, but, we have kind of hit a bit for a brick wall! One of my dreams is to own my own office! Not too fancy and expensive, just a simple room where me and crew cooperate and share ideas and let out our full creativity! 

Let me explain why I am doing this…
Our house is very small and it is becoming cramped and complicated to work in, if we had enough room then that would be a whole diffrent story but here is the main problem…

Back in 2016, my brother was killed in a moterbike accident which wasn’t even a mile away from my home and it is unbelievably hard to work and let my creativity out with what has happened.

I absolutely hate asking for money like this! I hate it! And I really do not want my mum to struggle to try pay the office for me, I would most certainly not want to put her under that much pressure as she has supported me all the way so far to achieve my goals.

It has been extremely emotional for me to work under these conditions due to space and family bereavement/memories. I know it might seem a lot but this office is perfect for me! I love it and its my dream! This is why I  really would like this space. Like I said, if I had enough room and my brother didn’t pass away, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Like I said, I absolutely hate asking for money but this is the only way I can get around this, as I can not get loans or anything else like that due to my age.

If you could spare some money (even if its £5), it would be deeply much appreciated and it would help so much. The rent is annual for this office and I need to raise £4200 this is why it seems so much. This would help my service grow and prosper by millions! 

I am able to move into the office in 6 months starting from the 14th of March.

Again thank you and I love every single one of you! 🙂