Charity Merch Giveaway

Thank you to everybody for everything! Thank you for 5 incredible years of Spiralstagelighting and all your support! To say thank you, we are doing a merch give away. This is a charity merch giveaway so when you enter, there is a small fee which is £1 and all the money raised in this giveaway will be going to Forget Me Not Children’s hospice. Please go to the merch giveaway page to enter!

The 4th winner wins three stickers and one pen. The third winner wins five stickers and two pens. The second winner wins one original t-shirt and the first winner wins the almighty merch pack which includes one original t-shirt, two pens and five stickers! The good thing about this is you can win from anywhere in the world!

Good luck to everyone!

Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice site:

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