Boomtown 2019

Yet again we were booked in 2019 for Boomtown, to light the the Pagoda Plaza stage. This year the stage was blue, with more of a mix of lights than previously. We were lucky to be joined by special events lighting specialist Christian Smith. On this year’s stage, equipment was again supplied by Wingnut. The rig consisted of Prolights Panorma IP Air Beams and Prolights Panaroma IP WBX. We also had some strobes, moles and led par cans. Manning FOH we had the Avolites Tiger Touch 2 and wing; for backup we had the Avolites Quartz.

The stage hosted artists including house music star Patrick Topping, Horse Meat Disco and Mella Dee. The stage looked and sounded incredible this year with everyone’s hard work. Thank you to all the riggers and Wingnut.

We were also asked to program for one of the spectacular architectural sculptors in the Metropolis district of the Boomtown Downtown inner city area. The towers looked absolutely amazing and we were so proud to help make that happen.