In August, Spiralstagelighting Director and Founder Elliot Baines was interviewed by The Exchange in Keighley for the #WEMAKEVENTS campaign during the #LIGHTITINRED night. The interview was filmed by Danny Hardaker along side Michael Watmough (owner of The Exchange), interviewing multiple members of the industry. “As part of #wemakeevents we interviewed freelancers to ask how they’re handling the shutdown of their industry. First up Elliot Baines of Spiralstagelighting Write to your MP and help us rescue this industry which is on the verge of complete irreversible collapse.”

Michael and Danny also interviewed Roger Nowell and Dave from Vachon Audio. The interviews took place in the shop of The Exchange a few minutes before we lit the building red for Light It In Red.

Watch the interview of Elliot Baines below!

Robe On Location Interview With Elliot Baines

Before the second UK Lockdown, Elliot Baines (Spiralstagelighting Director and Founder) was asked by Robe Lighting to take part in their brand new On Location series. The On Location series is about lighting designers who talk about who they are, what they do, and the experiences they’ve had within the industry. But instead of just being over Zoom, it is filmed in a location they live near.

Elliot Baines and interviewer Louise Strickland decided to choose Malham Cove, Gordalescar. The reason why this location was chosen, is because this is where Elliot was taken a lot during his younger years. Elliot and his family and friends still come here. This was also chosen as Elliot’s late brother Jacob Chothia who unfortunately died in August, 2016 is where his ashes were scatted. This is what Robe had to say…

For this instalment of On Location, we visited the remote, peaceful, and stunningly beautiful wilds of North Yorkshire – Gordale Scar in particular – to catch up with young #lightingdesigner Elliot Baines of Spiralstagelighting to chat about lighting, vlogging and dreaming big!

Check out the full interview above! Links also to the Facebook and Instagram videos are on the PRESS page.

Huge thank you to the amazing guys at Robe, Ashley Lewis and Louise Strickland.

Get Involved!

Get Involved With Us

We are beginning to work in all sorts of sectors across the industry and we are always looking for people with talent, from film, camera work, visuals, lighting, sound, anything!

That’s why we want you! If you have some experience in the industry, or you are looking to get into the industry and get some experience, get involved! We are always looking for new, talented minds to work with. Especially if you are young and upcoming. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. If you would like to get involved with us, go over to, and get in touch!

We are always looking to do collaborations, podcasts, a whole wide variety of things! During lockdown and COVID19, shows, festivals and events have been canceled, but that doesn’t mean our creative minds have stopped! We have to create opportunities to promote our creativity to survive both now and in the post-pandemic world.

Here at Spiralstagelighting, we are always looking to create awesome things, especially during this pandemic. As we say, there are #unlimitedpossibilities. With the technology we have these days, we can now do stuff online! There is so much software available to us, like Unreal Engine, Capture, and much more which is now allowing businesses, live event companies, and manufacturers to do things online to reach a large global audience. That’s why being in different locations doesn’t matter.

But doing stuff face to face isn’t over. If you have ideas, skills and you want to bring your imagination to life, lets talk.

WEMAKEVENTS #SurvivalInTheSquare

During the final week of October, actors, West End, opera singer, dancers, freelancers, and more gathered in Parliament Square, London to protest for the WEMAKEEVENTS Campaign. As there has still been no sign of help for most people in the Arts & Entertainments industry.

Talented people including opera singers, members from the West End, actors, dancers, and more talented individuals socially distanced and followed the UK Government Guidelines.

Day one – dancers and classical musicians

On Monday the 26th of October, Dancers and Classical Musicians gathered in the square to contribute to the WEMAKEEVENTS CAMPAIGN to make sure their voices were heard. Most of the dancers in the square wore t-shirts that said: “I am Fatima”. What does this mean? HM Government released a poster that caught a lot of people’s attention. But this did anger and frustrated a lot of people. The poster shows a ballet dancer. The poster also includes “Fatima’s next job could be in cyber (she just doesn’t know it yet)”. “Rethink. Reskill. Reboot”. Then we realized, we had to do more to get our voices heard.

Video Source: WE MAKE EVENTS


Day two. Tuesday 27th of October. Comedians from TV and clubs including Have I Got News For You and the Comedy Store did their bit in Parliment Square.

The Arts and entertainments industry brings in a whopping £1.28 BILION. Thosands of people within the industry is still suffering and has suffered for months on end.

Video Source: WE MAKE EVENTS

In total. There were 7 different protest with a mix of different, hard working individuals who work in different categories. Day three Wednesday 28th of October was the Singers also played they part, day four, Thursday 29th Theatre Performers, Creatives, Technicians and all Freelancers who work in theatre. Day five, Friday 30th were individuals from the Opera scene. Day six, Saturday 31st, West End Waiting, Theatre performers sung a medley from West End Musicals. The on the final day, was The Bow.

Photo by Collaborative Creations of Tom Hash and Ben Linwood working hard and showing their support! Well done boys and Collaborative Creations!

The Bow

#WEMAKEVENTS supporters, technical crew and freelancers came together to Parliament Square in front of the House Of Commons where the previous #SurvivalInTheSquare protests took place. Over 240 lights were brought to the square to light up the freelancers and supporters in red who have been forgotten about by the UK Government. During that night, everyone came together to stand as one to take their bow.

The lights were picked up from the Collaborative Creations office in London by us and Avolites. We then drove to Parliament Square to drop off all 244 lights.

Massive thank you to the guys and Collaborative Creations for showing their support!

Make your voice heard and share your experience! For more information, please visit

All videos and photographs were taken by the WEMAKEVENTS team.

The Start Of Our New News Page

Extra Extra! The News Is Out!

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What Will This Include?

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Thats all for now! But stay tuned for awsome new updates!

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