About Us


Welcome to our website! We are an award winning, creative, professional lighting design, programming and operation service for theatre shows, festivals, tours and much more! We are a service based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. We can work from small club venues to large complex arenas and festivals.

Spiralstagelighting uses the top-notch lighting products to create incredible live experiences. We are a service with fresh and intelligent ideas to create spectacular designs for shows. Our main goal is to make the show a life remembering experience and to keep our clients happy!

We have been known to create incredible designs and life remembering! We have been complimented by past clients and some of our celebrity clients! We have been noticed by many press companies such as TPI and the BBC! We have worked with some incredible artists and festivals throughout the years! Go check out our gallery page to see some amazing shots of a few artists and festivals we have worked with. Many more pictures will be on here soon.

We are proud to present Spiralstagelighting to you and we hope you can get a lot out of us! If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us! To get contact information, go to our contact page.

Winner of the TPI Standout Talent award in 2018