Spiralstagelighting is a creative, award-winning lighting design, show design and production company bringing professional, experienced knowledge to live shows, touring, special projects, film and TV. Making projects come to life. Also offering lighting programming and operation.


Our objective is to deliver and create an artistic masterpiece of unforgettable visual experiences with light, art and video.

Along with that, we aspire to create a visual story within our designs and productions that really captures the artist, brand or project using the latest top-notch, state of the art technology, and custom lighting sets to create unique looks.


We have collaborated with artists, brands and companies across the globe, including our rental and set partners, designers, programmers and operators. We engage closely with our clients to create unforgettable experiences, and to really hit above their expectations and imagination of a unique look to their show or project.


To create an unforgettable experience, requires creative and technical innovators.  We have a handful of creatives, programmers, operators and technicians to develop a unique image and vision for all of our projects, using light, video, special effects and set, creating art.
Bringing in a unique outlook and vision, and creating immersive, unforgettable experiences with our team.


Elliot Baines, is a lighting and show designer, programmer and the Director and Founder of Spiral. Elliot founded Spiral in 2014, from the passion and love from lighting, music and visual art. He fell in love with design from an early age, and since then, has curated designs that have toured the world. Elliot has a wide range of experience, working in over 40 countries in concert touring, corporate, special projects and immersive experiences. In 2018, Elliot won the TPi Standout Talent award for the work he has done. He was the youngest to win the award, and since then, still has the determination and passion to create incredible experiences through light and visual design.


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