Spiralstagelighting is a creative lighting design and visual arts company combining professional, experienced knowledge to make shows come to life.

Who we are

We excel to the maximum no matter what size your show is. We don’t have a favourite, that’s why we try our best on every single show we do. We try to make shows and stages look the best they can. We succeed in every show we do. Thanks to our contacts in the industry, we have full access to the top-notch, up to date, state of the art technology to create your show a fantastic experience. We are also able to work with other designers, other operators, and other experienced professionals to make your show the best we can.

who we work with

We have worked with many different types of companies and artists throughout the years. We work closely with our clients to create an unforgettable experience. We work with many different types of genres so we are able to excel with any client, at any time and anywhere in the world. We share our ideas with clients to make sure they’re happy with it every step of the way to create an incredible masterpiece.

Why book us?

Why book us? Well, Spiralstagelighting is not just an ordinary service. We are award-winning, professional and we have been noticed all over the world from the BBC, TPi and many more press releases and broadcasting services but we also like to hear from you. If your not happy about something that we do in your show or installation, we will change it for the better straight away no matter what! We want your installation or show to be the best but so far, we have only had positive feedback and our past clients have always wanted us back!

We have worked with some incredible artists and festivals throughout the years such as Boomtown, Glastonebury (2014), Shambala, Ben Phillips, Idris Elba at Boomtown, Jimmy Cliff, Bearded Theory, Olly Walker, Cosmic Puffin, Patrick Topping also at Boomtown and much more! Go check out our gallery page to see some amazing shots of a few artists, festivals and special projects we have worked with.


In 2018, Elliot Baines (Spiralstagelighting director and founder) won the TPi Standout Talent award which is amazing! TPI described us on already giving a massive impact in the industry.
Here is what they had to say… STANDOUT TALENT AWARD The winner of this year’s TPI Standout Talent has been on our radar for some time. At only 15, Elliot Baines has already begun to turn some heads in the industry, having worked on some of the UK’s biggest festivals including Glastonbury Festival (official)Shambala Festival and Latitude Festival. Currently, he is continuing to pick up as much experience as possible under the banner – Spiralstagelighting. He truly encapsulates the spirit and entrepreneurship that the judges at the TPi Breakthrough Talent Awards were looking for.

If your interested, get in touch!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on our contact page!